Empowering Zimbabwean Girls —

Fostering change through education and nurturing.

Our commitment lies in educating adolescent girls about menstruation and eradicating period poverty.

ending period poverty - function at one of the schools

About Full of Life Trust —

Promoting girl child empowerment initiatives through advocacy, partneships and collaborations.

function at one of the schools for ending period poverty

Girls have benefitted from our programs.

Gaining firsthand knowledge in hygiene management and reproductive health education, thanks to our committed volunteers.

Providing dignity packs to keep our girls in school.

Lack of menstrual supplies leads to Zimbabwean girls missing up to an average of 20% of school, affecting their education and increasing dropout rates.

We distribute dignity packs: menstrual supplies combatting period poverty, ensuring school attendance. Packs include sanitary items and educational resources. Our aim: empower girls, uphold dignity, and sustain academic progress.

Partnerships and Collaborations

period poverty function

We collaborate with several partners to implement our programs, and some of our key collaborators are featured below: